Welcome to Baton Rouge Dance Connection and The Dance Connection in Walker, LA!

Thank you for your interest in Baton Rouge Dance Connection/The Dance Connection in Walker. BRDC/TDC has served the Baton Rouge area for more than 16 years now. “Mrs. Jen,” has built a program that is ideal for working families. BRDC/TDC prides itself on its family atmosphere and values. We believe that dance education should be a fun and rewarding experience, while building relationships that will last a lifetime.

Over the past several years we have seen a growing trend in our families being tired, overwhelmed, and stressed out. Specifically during 2 very distinct times of the year…the holiday season and end of the school year. As a parent of 2 school age children herself, Mrs. Jen, set out to find a solution! Starting in August of 2016, we will no longer have a spring recital, but instead will have a late fall recital! By doing so, this will give your family a break during exam time and holiday time. Don’t you already have enough on your plate at that time of the year? In the spring, we will start back on February 6th, finish with the school year. The dance studio will then be closed for 6 weeks for a summer break. The 2nd half of the dance year will resume on July 10th, 2017.

BRDC/TDC is the ONLY dance studio in the area with this schedule! From August 2016-November 2016, will be our one time transition period. You may be wondering, how does this transition period help your child? If you are a first time dance parent, you will only have to sign up for 12 weeks, instead of a yearlong commitment. This will give you a great idea if dance is the right activity for your child as well as getting to experience a stage performance. For the experienced dance parent, your child will get to be on stage performing in November, instead of waiting until the spring!

BRDC/TDC strives to be the leader in the community with not only the National Top Studio of 2015 but in all areas of the dance studio business. From our once a week dancers to our serious competitive students, BRDC/TDC has a program to fit your dancer’s needs.

Mrs. Jen and Staff

Fun, Friends, and Dance is what we are all about


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